Sleep BioSeries Campaign


Art direction for the launch of Sleep BioSeries Melatonin, Ritual’s first sleep solution — engineered to work with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

Other melatonin products either disrupt your sleep-wake cycle or simply don’t work. In comes Ritual’s BioSeries Melatonin, crafted with a proprietary release profile so you can find your rhythm. This notion of each of us having our own nighttime rhythm led us to the familiar tagline “It’s the rhythm of the night” which served as the foundation for the Sleep product’s visual world and greater product launch comms.

Campaign art direction used layers of rich, meditative blues and gradient visuals that deepen and build over time, alluding to the descent into deep sleep and the slow extended release of the BioSeries technology. Custom set design included a moving “aura” background referencing user’s unique sleep cycles that cycled continuously throughout the shoot to create natural variation in the campaign photography. 

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Digital Assets

VP Creative: Fiel Valdez
CD, Design: Tricia Desjardins
CD, Copywriting: Jane Helpern
Art Direction: Kasha Killingsworth
Lead Copywriter: Michael Arrietta
Producer: Anastasia Solovieva
Photographer: Toby Pederson
Set Design/Props: Shelby Kay
Wardrobe: Sarah Kinsumba + Sandy Phan
HMU: Caitlin Wronski
Talent: Patty Bragiel + Tobias Hayduk
Retouching: Randy Rosario
Packaging Design: Robyn Cadavona
Email Design: Zoe Aniszfeld
UX Design: Lauren Jordan
3D: Nathan Nutley
Motion: Peter Quinn

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