Design & direction for Ritual’s first targeted gut health product: a 3-in-1 pre-, pro- and postbiotic, for guts that gurgle and people who google.

Synbiotic+ is culture that moves you forward — culture, meaning health-supporting bacteria, but also the vibrant world around us. It's a line that contains a lot, just like our microbiomes do. Across email, social, digital, print & beyond, we worked to highlight all of the incredible science and innovation behind Synbiotic+ while making bathroom behavior fresh, fun, and something to talk about.

Normalize gas (and gassing each other up), baby!

Campaign Visuals

With the campaign visuals, we set out to push Ritual's existing brand world in a way that felt friendly and visually expressive, using motifs like bubbles and blobs that allude to the postbiotic oil inside the capsules—as well as gas, bloating, and all of our (lovely, totally natural) bodily secretions. Synbiotic’s cheeky campaign language was brought to life through a mix of campaign imagery and vibrant, bubbling visuals. 

3D Artwork

I also had the great pleasure of briefing and collaborating with Vincent Wagner on a serious of abstract, gloopy, squirming 3D animations to complement our campaign visuals and allude to our wonderful world inside. These were used throughout Ritual’s organic social.

Creative Direction: Fiel Valdez
Packaging Design: Laura Yeh
Art Direction: Daniel Bromberg
Asst. Art Direction & Design Lead: Kasha Killingsworth
CD of Copywriting: Jane Helpern
Lead Copywriter: Eliza Wallace
Photographer: Stephanie Gonot
Video Editor: Catherine Wetmore
Prop Stylist: Sam Margherita
Wardrobe: Keyla Marquez
Producer: Kelley King
3D Artist: Vincent Wagner
UX/Engineering: Team Ritual

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