Urban Outfitters Home


Concepted and designed a streamlined new packaging system for Urban Outfitters Home’s hardgoods, to be used internationally in 200+ locations. Keeping production costs low and using recyclable materials were important initiatives while refreshing the system. The chosen pitch featured this bright, white 1C screenprint on kraft—which allowed for the incorporation of pattern, illustration, and product silhouettes into the box designs.

Looking to the future
The refreshed hardgoods packaging system brightened up shelves in-store and, with a cohesive system in place, allowed UO to explore a range of different packaging types when it came to more limited edition or specialized packaging, like the Urban Outfitters in-house essential oil line, artist edition candles, and a wide range of lunch sets and ceramic noodle bowls, a few of which are pictured.

Senior Designer & Design System: Kasha Killingsworth
Junior Designers: Elise Nichols, Maisie Wills, Imani Anderson
AD: Daniel Kent
CD: Matt Owens
Photography: Doug Weissman
Styling: Amelia Runyan

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