Kasha Killingsworth is a Philadelphia based designer + illustrator who works in the fields of graphic and interior design.


All 16
Apparel Design 3
Brand Identity 6
Custom Type 3
Illustration 8
Interior Design 4
Packaging Design 4
Print Design 6


︎Urban Outfitters Home  Brand Identity, Packaging Design

︎ENJOY: Interior Design, Custom Fixtures

︎Clever x Urban Outfitters Tote Design

︎Pinot Typeface Custom Type, Print Design

︎Good Natured Basics Brand Identity, Custom Type, Packaging

︎Quarantunes Mixtape, Illustration

︎KASHKILL Apparel, Packaging, Print Design, Art Direction

︎Assembly Home Brand Identity, Campaign Direction, Custom Type

︎Interactive Coloring Book Illustration, Print Design

︎Basketball for Spalding x UO Illustration, Print Design

︎Lucid Living Interior Design, Custom Fixtures

︎Vessel Craft Coffee Brand Identity, Packaging, Interior Design

︎Studio Two Three Display Fixtures

︎Carytown Cupcakes Interior Design, Display Fixtures

︎Coordinate Hostel Concept, Brand Identity, Interior Design